Finding Global Zone from Local Zone

It is difficult if not impossible, by design, to find your “global zone” host name if you are in a Solaris 10 Local Zone.

One method that works sometimes is to run “arp –a|grep SP” and that should list the global zone and all local zones if your network is set up just right.

(FYI: I did not come up with this, just posting it here for reference.)

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  1. G. H. says:

    We have some software that also need the name of the global zone. We make ssh connections to the global zone. But our DBAs need some other disk information files too.

    So we made a loopback filesystem of /usr/local/share/data in the global zone. This will be mounted readonly into all zones. So in there we have a file named /usr/local/share/data/globalname.

    This works with Solaris 10 sparse zones and Solaris 11.

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