I started adding Unix tidbits to another blog some years ago and quit as I did not see the point.

Recently a coworker contacted me and thanked me for an article he found on that old blog that helped him out greatly in a pinch. He said it was the best answer on the net. I was not surprised that he thought so, because the content was 100% from him! It was from notes I took while he was training me. The knowledge went full circle.

This made me think there may be more value in blogging my Unix findings than I thought. I also know I find a lot of what I need on the net. Google is one of my first “go to” places to solve a problem.

So here it is. I plan to post new content as I work as well as move old content from offline locations here over time. Hopefully I can get something up here every day.

I have worked with and been to formal classes covering Linux, HPUX, AIX and Solaris. However, my full time job now is Solaris, so that is my focus. We also use Veritas where I work, so there will be a lot of stuff about Veritas.

Please comment on what you see and I will make corrections and additions based on your feedback.

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  1. David says:

    As an sysadmin moving INTO a Solaris SPARC environment with Veritas, I am VERY glad I stumbled upon this blog – fantastic “real world” information – thanks!

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